Photographing with InSight

Cameras do not take beautiful, poignant, awesome, humorous,
tender, wondrous, timeless, take your breath away photographs.

But people do. This means you!

Here are a few suggestions for photographing with your own insights.
Future posts will have more. Please visit again.

  • Begin with the curiosity and innocence of children.
    Be the child you once were, and still are.
  • See the familiar for the first time.
  • Discover the new again and again.
  • Experience yourself creating a photograph.

Tell me, what do you see?

Here’s More . . .
The photographer is my granddaughter
Easton Morgan getting ready to photograph
her newborn sister McKenna. I brought her this
instamatic camera from a resale shop when
I came from Ann Arbor to the Colorado
Rockies to photograph McKenna’s birth.

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