Midwifery Metaphors

The Midwifery Way  is abundant in daily life,  even beyond the profound care  for women giving birth and babies being born.

Midwifery  guides with skill and expertise,  attending and trusting women’s
abilities and strengths.  Supporting possibilities and challenges.

Human experience thrives on such wise and wholesome energy.
Again and again cultural references to the midwifery way
are in our thoughts,  words and deeds.
The metaphors are many.
Here are a few:

“The purpose of intimate partnership is for us to midwife the perfection in each other.”  Marianne Williamson.
“Democracy needs to be reborn in every generation and education is its midwife.” John Dewey.
“I want you to counsel me the way you midwife birth.” K.L.
“I am a midwife, looking for the truth.”  Socrates, whose mother Phainarete, was a midwife.

Have you been noticing midwifery metaphors too?
They’re in articles, books, conversations. Where else?

I am gathering these metaphors  to help make more public
a  cultural consciousness of midwifery.
With this  work in progress, I invite you to  share with me
the metaphors you find.
This project will benefit by your participation! Thank You!

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