Laboring Thoughts~~~

With the grace of mysterious timing,
pregnancy ends and birth begins.
We do not understand what starts the dynamic process of labor,
yet the wisdom of two bodies, mother and babe know.

The uterus, strongest muscle in the human body, contracts with absorbing persistence.
In giving herself to the power, birthing woman opens fully, instincts accurate and ancient.
Intensity from this enormous effort stretches consciousness beyond language,
to a borderland marked by relentless emotional and physical sensations.
Doubt that she can do this mighty work,
and determination that ‘Yes’ she will, are both true.

Family and friends give comforting words of encouragement,
and touch her with love. Care providers offer their skill and expertise.
These sustain birthing woman in the
solitary work that only she can do.

Excerpt from Brought to Earth by Birth

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