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I do believe I midwifed a snapping turtle.

She was sitting in the street near my neighbor’s house,
pausing on her slow walk, woods and wetlands a block away.
Folks gathered, gazing at turtle and wanting to protect her from passing cars.

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Laboring Thoughts~~~

With the grace of mysterious timing,
pregnancy ends and birth begins.
We do not understand what starts the dynamic process of labor,
yet the wisdom of two bodies, mother and babe know.

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Season of Birth

We are coming into the Christmas season that honors birth. Each of us has entered this world the way Jesus did, through the power of creation. Woman giving birth and babe being born.

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Photographing with InSight

Cameras do not take beautiful, poignant, awesome, humorous,
tender, wondrous, timeless, take your breath away photographs.

But people do. This means you!

Here are a few suggestions for photographing with your own insights.
Future posts will have more. Please visit again.

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