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touch-of-sightseeing into sight~

From pregnancy and birth to newborn and elder,
life on this journey is worthy of our sight.
Nature comes from Latin…Natus…to be born.
Giving birth, being born, breastfeeding, parenting,
aging into life on this earth, brings us into the
profound nature of creation.

I invite you to see ~ through my lens ~
40 years of photographing exquisite realms of being,
guided by reverence and awe one feels
living with the sacred.

my mom


The sight of things has a great power over me.”
Virginia Wolfe

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From Harriette’s Blog

Images and Ideas

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy reading the ideas and feasting your eyes on the images contained in the following posts. I really enjoy creating them! ~ Harriette Hartigan

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Pasture Perfect

She just gave birth minutes ago, and licks amniotic fluid
from her newborn’s body.

I walk toward mother and babe, through high pasture grass.
Morning clouds soften the sun and mountains surrounding
San Rafael Valley, near Patagonia AZ.

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